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Ricoh GXR gets accessorized, is ready for the town -- or the shooting range

Tim Stevens

When the Ricoh GXR hit the review circuit back in December it certainly intrigued but didn't necessarily impress with its swappable lenses and sensors. However, now that we're seeing all the various and wonderful things it can do with its toys, we're more tempted than ever to give this little transformer a shot. Ricoh recently set up an exhibit to show the body dressed up as everything from a portrait shooter to a tripod-mounted sniper support, hanging off the end of a giant Kowa spotting scope -- complete with what looks to be a red dot rifle sight on the side. Rather less excessive (and olive drab) were Ricoh's own new lenses for the camera, a 27mm F2.5 and a 28-300mm F3.5-5.6, both due out before the end of the year and both looking impressively thin. No prices for either of these official models, but we're guessing they'll come in somewhere under the $2,500 Kowa pictured above.

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