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Android-powered Roewe 350 motorcar hits production line, we reserve space in our garage

Darren Murph

We aren't exactly hopeful that the Roewe 350 will ever ship stateside, but given that our Volt pre-order is still in limbo (and we're not about to lease a Tesla Roadster), we can't help but look longingly at this gem. Hailed as the first Android-powered automobile, this here car has just hit the production line, and it's expected to make its formal debut next month at the Beijing Auto Show. The 350 was based on the N1 concept shown last year, and we're told that the integrated DVD / GPS navigation system will run on Google's Android (v2.1) operating system. As you'd expect, the system will be able to pull down real-time traffic reports and figure out the most effective route from point A to point B C, though we suspect you'll need to rig up some sort of WWAN card in order to check your Gmail on the go. Oh, and did we mention this thing will start at just over ten grand? Huzzah!

[Thanks, Ash]

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