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Another World 15th anniversary edition now on


You see that beautiful, HUD-less vista above? It's from Another World, the European name for the beloved Amiga game from Eric Chahi (later ported to PC, Mega Drive / Genesis, SNES, GBA, among other platforms). Released stateside as Out of This World, the game's 15th anniversary edition (featuring a remastered version of the game, as well as a "making of" video and some other neat bonuses) has just landed on for $9.99.

As is the case with other titles on GOG, you're all set to run it in Windows XP or Windows Vista (both 32 and 64-bit). If you've yet to play Another World, well, what's wrong with you? Seriously, it's a great game (not to mention highly influential). Speaking of platform support, why hasn't this made its way to XBLA or PSN yet?

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