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PlayStation Move controller lag detected, analyzed

Tim Stevens

When Sony unveiled its PlayStation Move (nee Arc) controller at the GDC last week, it came along with some impressive promises: it would only cost developers 2MB of system memory (out of 256MB on offer) and it would respond to user inputs within a single frame of animation. Our own experiences with the thing felt a bit more laggy, and now Eurogamer is echoing those impressions and putting a bit of science behind them courtesy of a 60fps Kodak Zi6 camcorder. By filming the controllers and their on-screen representation, the site's tireless statisticians calculated an actual lag (including that of the display) of 113ms -- closer to 10 6.78 frames if a game is running at 60fps. Naturally much of this is thanks to the rendering of the result and not just the Move, but according to a 2008 GamaSutra test we found (linked as "More Coverage" below), the controller lag from the standard PS3 controller varies widely from game to game, with GTA IV measured at 166ms -- almost 50 percent higher than seen by the Move. So, while we can't draw too many conclusions about this single-game test from GDC, we can give a little advice: get back to beating up some underworldian goons as Kratos and don't worry about it.

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