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Skate 3's 'Skate School' as taught by Coach Frank


There's nothing quite as satisfying as learning how to skateboard from a crazy old coot named Coach Frank (as played by ex-pro skateboarder Jason Lee -- you know, the guy from Mallrats?). Experts that they are, the folks at EA developer Black Box are well aware of the attraction, and they've employed the character to teach Skate 3's "Skate School" mode.

Frank acts as a framework for the fleshed out Skate 3 tutorial, teaching players how to nail tricks and polish their execution -- it probably helps that he's full of goofy, if occasionally awkward, humor to lighten up the mood as well. And hey, if we learned anything from the previous two Skate games, we're going to be spending a ton of time just figuring out how to ollie without faceplanting over and over (and over), so we could use the levity.

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