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Mass Effect getting an ongoing comic book series

It looks like Dark Horse is chomping at the bit to squeeze a bit more commercial success out of BioWare's deep space opera franchise, following the impressive sales of the Mass Effect comic mini-series, "Redemption." During a Dark Horse Comics panel at the Seattle-based Emerald City Comic-Con, it was announced that Mass Effect writer Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller, writer of the original mini-series, would be teaming up to create a regular, monthly Mass Effect comic.

According to Comic Book Resources, the plot of the series will "follow the second game." We don't know if that means it will actually cover the events of Mass Effect 2, or if it takes place shortly thereafter. What we do know is that the panel also brought the announcement that Patton Oswalt is working on a Firefly comic, which takes place shortly after the events of Serenity, and that's the best news we've ever heard in our whole lives.

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