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The more you MMO, from the Aion community team

Jef Reahard

Those crazy daevas on NCSoft's Aion Community Team want you to know about the evils of Real Money Trading, and they've put together a four minute public service video to spread the word. Buying gold, or Kinah as it's known in the world of Atreia, destroys game economies and compromises account security according to the spot posted on the official Aion web site.

One of the guiding principles we have here at NCsoft is that our customers come first. A major challenge that we face in the gaming industry today is the use and abuse of an evil known as real money trading (RMT). We're in the middle of a war, a war that we fight because of the adverse effects RMT can have on you, our loyal customers.

Check out the full press release as well as the embedded video at the official site.

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