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Now Software suspends day-to-day operations


Now Software, the company that for many years created and sold Now Up-To-Date and Contact to Mac users, has ceased day-to-day operations.

As noted in a tip from TUAW reader Barry T., attempts to view the Now Software website are now redirected to a Google Sites page. On that page, there's a link to information about the current state of the company. That's where this letter from Now's John Wallace explains what killed the company (click the Read More link to view the letter):

For those of us who have watched Now Software go from a thriving software company to a floundering mess over the past few years, this is not entirely surprising. NightHawk had reached legendary vaporware status and it appeared that it would never really come out in a full working form. Many Now Up-To-Date and Contact users simply gave up and moved to other packages such as the popular Daylite from Marketcircle. Without an iPhone companion app, Now Up-To-Date and Contact and NightHawk simply became irrelevant to most Mac users.

The Google Sites pages provide access to the user forums and other help-related information from the old Now Software website.

Update: Several readers have noted that BusyMac, the company that develops and sells BusyCal and BusySync, was founded in 2007 by Dave Riggle and John Chaffee. The two developers were among the brains behind Now Up-To-Date, and left about the time NightHawk was just starting development.

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