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ASIMO slims down, gains new capabilities in latest revision


We've been hearing about a few of ASIMO's new tricks as of late, and it looks like Honda's now finally showing off some of its hard work. The most noticeable change is that ASIMO (now sporting the P4 designation) has shed over one hundred pounds, and now weighs in at a slight 176 pounds -- letting it slip into a stylish new blue cover for its torso. That weight loss also comes with some added mobility, with the P4 boasting 34 degrees of freedom (four more than its predecessor), and a more flexible waist that makes it more adept at walking and even dancing. Yeah, we're as sad as everyone that there's no video yet, but you can at least check out few more pics at the link below.

Update: It turns out this is not an updated ASIMO model, but rather an earlier ASIMO prototype that has only just been revealed at the Honda Collection Hall in Motegi, Japan. ASIMO's current dancing ability remains a mystery.

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