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Video: How to cheat with your Pokewalker


Look, we know the headline kinda endorses cheating and we often err on the less evil side of things, but desperation has left us little choice. It's just that some of us are so damn sick of hearing about how great Griffin's Blissey is. Yeah, we get it, dude -- can't we just eat our peanut butter sandwich in the break room in peace? We don't care about how much damage your Hitmonlee does. That's why the tutorial video on how to cheat using the Pokewalker past the break is such valuable intel for us.

So, we've resorted to doing the unthinkable: we're going to play Pokemon. We're going to play and we're going to level up our pokemans so high, it's going to fog up that jerk's glasses and take the breath right out of his lungs. Soon, he will know true pain as he's squashed beneath the scales of our Magikarp. Embarrassment, thy name will soon be Griffin McElroy!

[Via Destructoid]

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