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Alienware offering free Dragon Age shield codes for PC


Ah yes, Dragon Age Origins' storied realm of Thedas, where great warriors and mages do battle against the Demon Spawn, play kings and knights off of each other in political schemes, and register promotional DLC codes for in-game items. What's that? Your heroic Grey Warden hasn't done the last one yet?

Here's your chance -- Alienware is giving away some free DLC keys for an in-game shield called the Bulwark of the True King. If you only have the original PC game, it's a tier 5 shield, but apparently if you have the Awakening expansion, it revs up to a Tier 7 item. All you have to do is run over to the Alienware website, create an account in its Arena community (you didn't think it'd be that "free," did you?), and then redeem the code in-game to claim your shield.

Note that these keys don't work in the console versions of the game -- Alienware only wants you PC users. But it is a pretty easy way to get a new shield. Much easier than slaying the mad mage of Ferelden or saving the Arl of Redcliffe.

[Thanks Wayne!]

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