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iWonder Android tablet fixes major bug: the logo is right-side-up

Chris Ziegler

Remember that ultra-low-cost Android-powered tablet that Marvell was showing off back at MWC this year? It seemed neat enough considering the aggressive goal of getting it into Chinese customers' hands for somewhere around $100, but there was a single unforgivable problem: the iWonder logo was upside-down. Fatal flaw, right? Well, not to worry, because Marvell's back with the iWonder here at CTIA, and this time the logo's facing precisely the same direction as the display (in landscape mode, anyhow). We've also learned that the tablet is being produced in a wide variety of colors -- we saw white at MWC, black here -- so if you've ever dreamed of owning a cherry red Google-powered tablet that's as big as your frickin' skull, Marvell knows a guy who knows a guy who can probably hook you up.

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