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Nokia's PUSH N900 finalists in action: meet Bike Dashboard, Niko, and Pit Crew

Chris Ziegler

I personally had the honor of helping to judge the finalists of Nokia's PUSH N900 MOD IN THE USA contest yesterday morning, and in the process of watching all three teams do their thing, I took the opportunity to film some footage. All three hacks showed some serious ingenuity -- not just in terms of the sheer difficulty of pulling a serviceable demo together in a little over three weeks' time, but also in the breadth and depth of the concepts: Pit Crew takes classic slot cars out of the stone age by using the N900 as a wireless controller, Bike Dashboard is a handlebar-mounted N900 with a number of sensors and features for tracking your bike ride, and Niko is a Lego Mindstorms-wrought robot with an N900-powered brain and a penchant for Twitter. Follow the break for video of all three pitching their wares -- and find out who won this thing!

Second runner up: Pit Crew

First runner up: Niko

Winner: Bike Dashboard

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