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Jimi Hendrix album to be released as Rock Band DLC next week [update]


Jimi Hendrix music is, in fact, headed for Rock Band, in a capacity bigger than the usual song packs -- yet not quite as huge as the Beatles/Green Day dedicated games. Rolling Stone announced that on the week of March 30, the entire Jimi Hendrix Experience album Axis: Bold as Love (minus "EXP") will be released as DLC for Rock Band.

In addition, a previously unreleased single, "Valleys of Neptune," from a new CD of the same name, will be made available as DLC. So, not only will you try to play Jimi Hendrix solos in Rock Band, you'll play one you've never heard before. Good luck with that! "It's a whole new level of difficulty unto itself," MTV Games' Paul DeGooyer said. The thing about these tracks is if you're a Hendrix fan you know that really what powered that vibe is that he kind of just closed his eyes and flowed from his fingers, and we really tried very hard, especially on the expert level, to recreate that effect."

This is just the first step in a longterm agreement between Experience Hendrix and MTV, which includes the release of the other Hendrix albums, in addition to the option to make Hendrix avatars and instruments available in the game. Apparently, the companies are also open to the eventual production of a dedicated game.

[Update: the full track list for next week is listed after the break.]

Xbox 360 / Wii / PS3
Available: March 30 / April 1 (PS3)

Axis: Bold as Love album (1600 / $19.99)*:
  • "Up From the Skies" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Spanish Castle Magic" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Wait Until Tomorrow" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Ain't No Telling" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Little Wing" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "If 6 Was 9" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "You Got Me Floatin'" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Castles Made of Sand" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "She's So Fine" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "One Rainy Wish" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Little Miss Lover" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Bold As Love" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
  • "Valleys of Neptune" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
*Track packs not available for purchase on Wii; all tracks sold individually.
Tracks also available in Lego Rock Band Music Store.

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