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PAX East's Omeganauts assemble, the Omegathon begins

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Behold: The ledger containing the names of all 32 Omeganauts participating in the inaugural PAX East Omegathon. Earlier today, their names were randomly drawn during Wil Wheaton's keynote presentation, they were paired into teams of two, and tossed immediately into the unforgiving gauntlet known as Mario Kart: Double Dash.

Already, 16 of these contestants have been culled by the first round of the competition. Those who survived must now face three more rounds before claiming the lofty prize of an all-expense paid trip to GAMESCOM and $2,500 spending cash -- rounds which will pit them against one another in Geometry Wars 2, an unknown rhythm game, and PAX's' always entertaining mystery finale. Stay tuned!

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