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Tilt! Preview photos of The Pinball for iPad and Mac OS X


With just one week left until iPad Saturday, we're starting to see some amazing software coming out. One of the more intriguing games that we've seen is The Pinball for iPad from Gameprom.

Pinball fanatics will likely find this app to be a vast improvement over the games found on the iPhone platform, with a larger playing field, increased game detail, and more realistic game play. The Pinball for iPad combines three of Gameprom's iPhone pinball games -- Jungle Style Pinball, The Deep Pinball and Wild West Pinball -- into one tasty looking app.

Some of the features of The Pinball include:

  • Different camera modes: stable picture of the "whole table" and agile camera, which follows the ball in the game with automatic zoom in significant places
  • Realistic physics
  • Camera tilt
  • Anaglyptographic (3D) stereo effect
  • Local and global high scores
  • 3-ball multiball mode
  • Ability to shake the pinball table, with an acceleration indicator so you don't "tilt"

In what we're hoping is the start of a sweeping trend, Gameprom is also planning on releasing The Pinball for Mac OS X. While there's not a lot of info about the game, the developers provided a number of screenshots to whet your appetite. Check out the gallery for a look at The Pinball.

Gallery: The Pinball for iPad (and Mac OS X) | 9 Photos

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