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First Look: polyhedra XL for iPad


Bob Koon, President and Tech Director of Binary Hammer, was kind enough to pass along this sneak peek for their upcoming polyhedra XL for the iPad. This larger sized version of their award winning polyhedra game introduces new game play and provides an enhanced soundtrack, as you can see (and listen to) in this video.

This is one game that I'm definitely going to want to try. I'm a big fan of Kongregate's Filler and this video suggests that polyhedra XL plays like Filler on steroids, with shapes expanding to fill a limited space and penalties for touching.

Watching the video, I'm going to admit that I'm not a huge fan of the music. Also, each screen kind of saturates me out on a given color. (Pink, pink, more pink!) That having been said, the game looks like it's gotten a nice iPad refresh, with clean art and a "zero gravity" mode. Can't wait to play it.

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