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American McGee's Crooked House, Zenonia 2, MLB World Series 2010 out now


Here are a few games of note that have shown up in the App Store recently. Game developer American McGee made his debut on the iPhone without much fanfare in the form of a game called Crooked House -- it's a puzzle game based on an old nursery rhyme that's as dripping with atmosphere as most of McGee's titles. If you're a puzzle fan or just want to see what an experienced game developer has done with Apple's platform, it's worth a look.

Zenonia 2 also showed up on the App Store recently -- it's the sequel to an action RPG from the iPhone's earlier days, and it adds in some character customization, a much larger world, and even some asynchronous multiplayer.

And finally, Major League Baseball is following up their extremely successful game-watching app with... a game. That's right, MLB Advanced Media has turned out an official baseball game, featuring all of the official rosters and ballparks (of course), along with a multitouch pitching feature, World Series and seasonal gameplay. Unfortunately, the reviews are middling on the game itself, but it looks like MLB is investing big in iPhone applications, considering the success of their previous app. The game is on the App Store for $6.99, no free version yet.

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