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Bad Company VIP Map Pack 2 trailer (realistically) falls apart


EA has released a new trailer for the upcoming VIP Map Pack 2 for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. As the name of the DLC implies, this DLC is for VIP members only. Much like Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network, VIP membership is free for those who bought the game new. Meanwhile, those with used copies on Xbox or PlayStation 3 will have to fork over $15 (1200 on Xbox) for a VIP membership. PC players (lucky dogs) are exempt from all this business and will receive the pack as an update.

It's worth noting that the map pack doesn't actually include any maps. Instead, it unlocks the Conquest Mode in Arica Harbor and Rush Mode in Laguna Presa. Still, it's essentially new gameplay for free, so it's hard to complain. Unless you aren't a VIP, of course. The DLC releases tomorrow, March 30.

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