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The Daily Grind: Does beta ruin your launch day glee?

Kyle Horner

The common view of a beta is that it's a wonderful way for someone to experience a game's "work-in-development" state of flux. It's a magical time when you feel like you're being treated to a special preview of the game before thousands of other people in the world. That's at least one point of view, but in truth lots of people don't want to get into beta.

Why? They want to experience the game in all its unknown luster on launch day, throughout launch week and well into those first few months. There's definitely something to be said for jumping into a fresh digital world, so we pose this question to you, our dear readers: What's better: getting into beta and avoiding the first few months of launch or skipping beta and experiencing everything with everyone else in those first few hours, days and weeks?

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