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'Behind the game' on Dead to Rights: Retribution


When we first heard that this video was going to go "Behind the Game" on Dead to Rights: Retribution, we got all excited to see a five-minute documentary on that little piece of plastic in the game case that protects the back of the game from scratches or dust. But apparently we went a little too literal there -- this video is actually about the making of the game that's due out next month, with Volatile Games' Project Director Imre Jele explaining how the team handled combat, interaction with the A.I. dog, voice work and the stunts in the upcoming sequel.

He mentions near the end that one stuntman actually broke a rib during motion capture, and how the entire team was trying to put that much dedication into the game, and we imagined for a moment that medical bills around its offices must be sky-high with all of the rib-breaking going on during coding. But then we realized we were probably going too literal again -- maybe we should just sit back and watch the video.

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