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Florensia invites players to Hanami like there's no tomorrow


Do you Hanami? If not -- all the cool kids are doing it, why aren't you? For those of you in the audience going "Han-whadda?", Hanami is a Japanese custom of cherry blossom viewing. Every year, during a very brief period, cherry blossom trees bloom across the nation, and people turn out in scads to look at them and go "ooh" and "aah."

In the sea-themed MMO Florensia, the devs are inviting everyone to participate in Hanami and Easter with their special in-game event. As players enjoy the cherry blossom trees, they're encouraged to collect as many Cherry Blossoms as possible, along with rare Dodo Eggs from these odd birds. These items can be traded in for a bevy of outfits and pets, including fluffy Rabbit Ears, Cherry Blossom Coronets, Mini-Dodos and fuzzy Fox Hats. Another perk of this special holiday is an impressive 50% bump to party XP until the event ends.

The Easter and Hanami event in Florensia is going on now through April 6, so snag all of the blossoms and eggs that you can before time runs out! You can check this maritime MMO out here.

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