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Activision puts Geometry Wars: Touch, Tony Hawk 2 on the App Store


iPad titles have started appearing on the App Store, and two big video gaming names are there with them. First up, Activision has apparently dropped a copy of the arcade shooter Geometry Wars out there in the form of Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad. Given that we haven't actually played the game yet, we're not sure how they work out the two-stick controls (generally in these games, you move with one stick and shoot with the other), but they are advertising a new game mode, called Titans. Looks fun -- it's a full US$10 app, which might be pricey without trying it, but the Geometry Wars series tends to offer up some fun and addictive arcade experiences.

And as predicted, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is now out on the App Store. It is not an iPad title -- it's only for the iPhone and the iPod touch, but of course it should still run on the iPad in an upscaled mode. This is probably my favorite Tony Hawk game of all time, and while the touchscreen controls may be a little squishier than the old PlayStation buttons, the reviews are great so far. There you go: Two nice, big titles from Activision to kick off the iPad's launch.

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