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Capcom announces Lost Planet 2 demo charity program


Sure, you're probably excited to download the Lost Planet 2 demo so you can actually play the game, but did you know it will also help a good cause? Capcom has announced a new program that will see the company donate $20,000 to Music for Relief -- a non-profit organization "dedicated to providing aid to victims of natural disasters and the prevention of such disasters" -- if one million players download the Lost Planet 2 demo. If a total of 1.5 million download the demo, Capcom will donate an additional $5,000 for a total of $25,000.

In addition, Capcom will be hosting a pre-launch Lost Planet 2 party and "celebrity" tournament on May 6 in Los Angeles. Gamers will be able to sign up to attend the event -- on a first come, first serve basis -- on Capcom-Unity later this month. To win a chance to play in the tournament, however, players will have to submit tips for playing the multiplayer demo. Four winners will be chosen by Capcom to attend the tournament. The winners of the tournament will get to choose which Music for Relief cause will receive the money Capcom. Full details on the contest can be found right here.

So, get crackin' and grab your early access demo redemption code. It just might do someone some good.

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