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Hulu coming to iPad... sometime, eventually


No date, no forecast, but it's a work in progress: in a story about the profit prospects for Hulu, the New York Times mentions that four sources familiar with the site's plans say there is a Hulu app in the works. This was rumored back in February, but the expectation was that the app would launch with the iPad... doesn't look like it will, at this point.

The possibility mentioned is that the app will come along with some sort of subscription plan for television content, which would be both irksome to existing Hulu fans who love the (free) website, and potentially get a scornful eyebrow from the App Store poobahs for stealing fire from the iTunes television show business.

We've been hoping for a Hulu app for the iPhone for a long time, but there's no discussion of that in the current NYT story. Shame, too, as it was supposedly coming "within a few months" just about a year ago.

[via Engadget]

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