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Nokia's unannounced C3 sees FCC approval

Chris Ziegler

Now that Nokia's one-letter, one-number branding realignment is in full swing, we can probably expect a cascade of thusly-named handsets out of Espoo over the course of 2010 -- a big part of that strategy will likely be the new Cseries, a line designed to thrust S60 into low-end segments of the market traditionally dominated by feature phones. The C5 kicked off that push a few weeks ago, and now it looks like we can expect the C3 to swing in before too long; it's hard to say what kind of specs or ID we can expect here, but judging from the line-art diagram in the filing, it'll be either a slider or a portrait QWERTY device -- it's just too wide for a candybar. Ultra-cheap QWERTY certainly sounds like an appealing option, but Nokia's yet to pull the wraps off this one, so it's hard to say when (or where) we might see a retail launch.

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