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Flight Control HD live on the iPad


If there's a breakout game for the iPad already, it's probably Flight Control HD -- the game was announced a while ago (we talked about it with Firemint back at GDC), but the title has stayed in the top 10 pretty consistently since the iPad's App Store went live yesterday. Firemint has finally dropped the embargo on the title this morning, and you can see the game above -- it's basically the same game as the iPhone version, except bigger, clearer, and with a little more space for the plane-landing chaos. That allows for a few new gameplay variations, including co-op multiplayer on the same iPad, a split-screen versus mode, new bigger airfields (and a Snow airfield with variable wind direction), and one more interesting little feature: 3D.

Yes, Flight Control HD has an anaglyphic image effect going on with one of the airfields. You'll have to procure your own red/cyan 3D glasses, but when you choose that map with glasses on, you'll be able to see planes flying around in full depth illusion. We haven't been able to play the mode yet, but Firemint did sent out some groovy glasses, so we can be ready when the iPad shows up.

Flight Control HD is live in the App Store right now, and on everyone's iPad this weekend. As launch hits go, Apple's doing pretty well with Firemint's iPhone classic.

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