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Red Dead Redemption trailer explains a cowboy's choices

Morality wasn't just a black and white issue back in the Wild West, you know. There were plenty of gray areas as well, such as: Shoot that outlaw, or don't shoot that outlaw? Shoot that horse, or don't shoot that horse? Shoot everyone in that town, or don't shoot everyone in that town? Rockstar will contextualize this moral ambiguity in Red Dead Redemption, forcing protagonist John Marston to make some difficult choices, as previewed in the trailer above. (As you might have guessed, all decisions are shooting-based.)

As you watch the video, think about what type of gunslinger you'd like to become. We're thinking Gene Hackman from The Quick and The Dead. Or, possibly, Gene Hackman from Wyatt Earp. Or, better yet, Gene Hackman from Welcome to Mooseport.

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