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The Daily Grind: When are in-game titles too much?


Take, for instance, the guy up there from LotRO. He looks as though he's an accomplished fellow, with many miles under his belt. He probably wants something to show for it, too. Could you blame him for wanting to extend his name somewhat, particularly if the MMO promotes such embellishments, even if his name becomes a full paragraph of reading?

As many modern MMOs use titles as a reward for character achievements -- particularly since they're relatively easy to implement -- we're long since used to seeing folks collect and display their greatest reference. Yet do MMO titles become too much after a while? Do you occasionally fear for your life when you see a literal wall of text running right for you on the battlefield? At what point do you draw the line in the sand, look the developers in the eye, and pronounce that this is all just getting silly?

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