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Check-in from an Apple Store on Gowalla, get entered to win an Ollie


Iconfactory have a long history of lovely Mac things, including the spectacular Twitterrific iPhone app. When they created Twitterrific, they gave it an adorable icon of a little blue birdie. His name is Ollie. His popularity is always increasing. Of course, he is super cute, which helps. So super cute in fact, that the fellows at the Iconfactory have created a vinyl figure of Ollie.

Gowalla is a location-based service; you use it to check in at places and you can collect badges and see if your friends are in the same place too. Sometimes they do promotions where you can pick up a physical version of an item, not just a badge, when you check in someplace.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

From now until April 6th, when you check in at an Apple Store on Gowalla, you will be able to pick up a digital Ollie as part of your Gowalla booty. As an added bonus, a hundred exceptionally lucky folks will also receive an actual Ollie figure. If it turns out I am not among the winners, they will also receive the bonus of a bit of my jealousy.

No, I don't know what prizes or surprises are in store for people who check in from the line outside the store, but I'm guessing if you aren't in line already, you won't be the person who gets bonus points for adding the venue. On the upside, this contest is open to anyone using Gowalla, so even if you aren't in the market for new hardware this weekend there's still a chance for you to win, provided you are wiling to brave the hordes who are in the market for new hardware this weekend...

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