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Disguise your iPad as a Moleskine with DODOcase


If you want to imagine that your iPad is an oversized digital Moleskine, here's a new case that not only mimicks the iconic journal, but also serves as a stand for your new toy.

The DODOcase is made in San Francisco utilizing traditional book-binding techniques. The inside is crafted out of bamboo and the outside is made of faux leather with an elastic strap securing the case.

Given that the iPad is pretty close to an extra-large Moleskine cahier, it'll make a great cover if you want your iPad to blend in with a bag with other notebooks and books. Pair it with a drawing app, such as Adobe Ideas, to give your iPad the ultimate "Moleskine" experience.

The DODOcase is $49.95USD and takes about 4-6 weeks to deliver.

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