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Found Footage: self-unboxing iPad


This is -- for me, personally -- one of the greatest unboxing videos I've ever seen. Not to oversell it, but the sheer simplicity of a self-unboxing iPad is beautiful. The complete lack of commentary (or even a human) makes it short enough that even my attention span, frazzled by years of short songs and too much sugar, can consider it a pleasure to sit all the way through.

In case you're wondering (and don't feel like watching, for whatever reason), it's a stop-motion animation, complete with a hovering X-ACTO blade, created by Brian Stark. Playtime with his new iPad was delayed for over an hour as he created this piece; he's suffered for his art, and for that, we commend him. Read on and watch the video to see for yourself!

[Direct Vimeo link for iPhone/iPad users]

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