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New CableCARD rules get one step closer to reality this month

Ben Drawbaugh

We're still scratching our head 'cause the FCC mentioned CableCARD reform in the Broadband Plan, but nevertheless, things are moving quickly. Just like all the other agencies in the executive branch, the FCC has to follow a defined process when it wants to change the rules and the big one before the actual report and order is the notice of proposed rule making. The NPRM proceeding will take place this month and shows that the FCC is pretty serious about having the changes layed out in the Broadband Plan in effect by this Fall -- assuming of course the cable industry doesn't have any major objections. Also on the docket for the FCC is the Notice of Inquiry about the IP Gateway. This is where the FCC will ask everyone exactly how it might work, which is the first of many steps that will take place before we'll see some set-top box innovation.

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