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Sega: MadWorld on Wii a 'mismatch;' Platinum Games needs power of 360, PS3


Apparently, the lack of commercial success for MadWorld wasn't due to the game being bad or anything -- it was just that it was on Wii. Sega's Mike Hayes told CVG that the game was a "mismatch with the Wii audience," citing that Sega underestimated the amount of Wii owners who also own other consoles. To him, most gamers looking to experience a Mature-rated game are going to do so on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC ... not the Wii.

Hayes was still proud of Platinum's attempt to strike bloody gold on Nintendo's console, but thinks the developer needs the power of the Xbox 360 and PS3 to "realize what they actually want to do." He points to Bayonetta as an example of this, calling it a "very high-quality standard."

And by "very high-quality standard," we think Hayes meant "in Bayonetta, you can suplex a damn dragon."

[Via Industry Gamers]

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