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PSP crowns King of Pool this week


Sure, you may already be one of the Hustle Kings on PS3, but isn't it time you sought another billiards-related monarchy on a Sony system? Of course it is. Nordcurrent thinks so, which is why it's releasing King of Pool for PSP over the PlayStation Network this week.

King of Pool is a pool game that purports to "implement the whole variety of rules that exist in the world." It features a bunch of real pool modes, as well as weird original tables invented by the team. "Originally they were created by our lead artists just for fun, as a joke," Nordcurrent managing director Alex Bravve said, "but then we've noticed that a lot of people are actually enjoying playing them. So we decided to leave these tables as a feature, rather than an Easter egg."

King of Pool will be downloadable April 8 for ten bucks.

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