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A set of Chrono Trigger figurines that you'll want


You have an empty shelf, right? Of course you do. So there's really no choice in the matter: You've got to fill it with something, and that something might as well be game merchandise. As luck would have it, we've got some particularly sweet merchandise in mind just for you. Specifically, we're talking about the nifty Chrono Trigger figures you see above -- or "Chrono Figures," if you prefer.

As Destructoid points out, the statues recreate scenes from the original SNES instruction booklet. Entertainment Earth has the figurines available for pre-order -- scheduled to ship this October -- with the set of 4 statues available for $40. There's no indication of the actual dimensions of each statue, though each certainly appears detailed. The only question that remains: Where's Marle?

[Via Destructoid]

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