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Get experienced with Massively's new WonderKing giveaway [Updated]

Shawn Schuster

Those generous people at NDOORS are at it once again with a brand new giveaway in their 2D MMO WonderKing. This time, the Level-Up Set Giveaway presents new players with the opportunity to grab one of 1,000 keys we've been given for our readers. These keys grant seven days of in-game EXP Tickets (+20% EXP) and Drop Tickets (+30% drop rate). Limit one key code per person.

How can you grab one for yourself? Simply head over to our giveaway page, claim a code at the bottom of the page and follow the directions there. You'll need to be a new WonderKing player with an active account, which can easily be remedied by visiting their main site and signing up.

[Update: We contacted NDOORS after comments left on this post and they've now informed us that these codes are only for new players.]

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