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Apple ditches "Rate on Delete" in iPhone OS 4


MacRumors is reporting that Apple has removed the "Rate on Delete" feature from the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 release. "Rate on Delete" is a pop-up notice that appears when a user deletes an app from their iPhone. The user is able to select a 1 to 5 star rating for the app or to refuse rating it by tapping the "No Thanks" button.

"Rate on Delete" was first introduced in iPhone OS 2.2 as a way for users to easily rate apps without having to access the iTunes Store. The feature has been widely decried by app developers; many believed that it contributed to biased negative reviews since the "Rate on Delete" reviews were only coming from users who deleted the app (and hence were presumably unhappy with it) and not the users that chose to keep the app on their iPhone.

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