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The Daily Grind: If you could mix-and-match classes and MMOs, what would they be?


Sometimes, a love for a MMO is soured by a disdain for the class list available. Sometimes, you can't help but to fall for a sassy class with a twinkle in its eye, but you can't stand the game it's in. When this happens, it's a tragedy of Romeo and Juliet proportions -- an attraction that is destined to be ripped apart by opposing forces.

So by casting reality to the wind, let us ask you this: if you could play a particular class in a different MMO in which it resides, what would it be? What mix-and-match combination would spark your interest? Would you take LotRO's minstrel through the lands of Azeroth? Is the thought of one of City of Heroes' superpowered combinations flying through Fallen Earth's wasteland appealing? Would EQ2's Shadowknights mix well with Age of Conan's rough-and-tumble setting? Do you dream of piloting a STO starship in EVE's universe?

Take a class from column A and a game from column B, and tell us what would appeal to you the most!

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