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More Halo: Reach beta screens and info than you can shake a jetpack at


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Considering how close we're getting to actually putting our hands on the Halo: Reach beta, it's not exactly surprising to see Bungie loosening the floodgates a bit on information and images from its last Halo game. Just below you'll find a handful of new images from three of the beta's four maps (Overlook, Swordbase, and Powerhouse), though the mysterious Boneyard still remains missing.

In addition to these new screens, Bungie delves into the gruesome details regarding a few of the beta's gameplay modes, and even goes as far as to break down the weapon allocation for Powerhouse (only one rocket launcher, folks -- come on!) and Overlook. For instance, did you know that Powerhouse used to be named "Settlement?" Or that Swordbase is actually set in an Offiice of Naval Intelligence? That means we'll be spending our time getting one-hit killed from behind while trying to glean campaign information from the destructible computer monitors littered throughout the level. Damn you, Bungie!

We are, however, quite partial to Swordbase's many levels (all the better for us to jetpack around!), but you could be all about those outdoor environments. Who knows?! One thing's for sure: you can peep both options in the gallery below.

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