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New Silent Hill in the hands of Vatra Games

Justin McElroy

1UP reports that the recently revealed "next Silent Hill" game will not, in fact, be developed by Climax, which is fresh from the totally awesome Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Instead, the lead has been taken by Vatra Games, a Czech studio whose only other credit is retro relaunch Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot, also announced on Friday.

It's not that we think Vatra will do a bad job -- we frankly have no clue what they'll do. But we were so looking forward to seeing where Climax took the franchise after Shattered Memories that it's hard to not be a little deflated and, perhaps, even ... shattered by its absence.

On a slightly more informative note, Vatra's official page says it's working on two games for PS3, 360 and PC, so that likely gives an indication of the platforms on which the new Silent Hill will appear.

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