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microRemote DSLR focus controller uses iPhone for visual readouts (video)

Vlad Savov

Got a first-gen iPhone with nothing to do and nothing to hope for? Don't throw it out just yet, you might be able to recycle it as an extremely fancy readout display for the Redrock Micro "focus control system." The microRemote is, fundamentally, a focus ring detached from the DSLR it controls. It can operate all by its lonesome, but the big attraction here is adding an iPhone or iPod touch to provide visual clues to the aspiring focus master. You get aperture, zoom, and some focusing assists on the display, and then make your selection using some familiar twirling action on the knob to the side. Starting at around $1,000 this summer, this setup can hardly be considered an impulse buy, but we're sure somebody somewhere has a usage scenario that would justify the cash layout. Check out the microRemote on video after the break.

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