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PotBS: Power & Prestige sails this summer

Jef Reahard

Flying Lab Software today announced the feature list for Power & Prestige, the upcoming expansion for their Pirates of the Burning Sea MMORPG. The expansion, the first for the historical high seas title that originally set sail in 2008, is due to be released this summer.

Power & Prestige looks to build upon the game's Conquest system by allowing players to become Port Governors and wield significant strategic and economic influence over the game world. Additionally, the expansion will have over 60 new missions, four new Privateer factions, and a bevy of tweaks to combat gameplay.

For starters, Avatar Combat skills are being overhauled by moving Brawling into its own fighting school. Additionally, every ship in the game is being revamped, including tweaks designed to offset outfitting stacking. Finally, each of the game's five career paths will receive some love in the form of new skills and additional tactical play options.

Check out the official Pirates of the Burning Sea website for more details on the game, and be sure to sign up for the expansion beta, currently slated for Spring 2010.

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