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The Classifieds: The dwarf your man could smell like


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Isaiah Mustafa's got nothing on Pigironpete from <ZeGuild> (US Sentinels-A), especially when it comes to guild recruiting ... in the shower? "It's been a running gag for weeks to imitate the new line of Old Spice commercials over Vent," writes Pigironpete. "Tim Buckley, artist of the Ctrl+Alt+Del webcomic, made up a little .gif for the guild's amusement while he was avoiding doing his taxes." Watch the whole animation for the full effect (although in all honesty, I think I'll probably just click that first link up there one last time ...).

Join us after the break for more news from around the WoW community, plus recruiting, looking for guilds, Random Acts of Uberness and more.

Random Acts of Uberness

Our own Amy Schley spotted this week's leading Random Act of Uberness while playing her character Patent with the Choose My Adventure gang on US Zangarmarsh-H: a level 80 Hordie hanging out at the Crossroads, handing out 5 gold in mount-money to newbies level 21 and under. We saw what you did there, Samm ... Come up and see us some time. Check the most recent Choose My Adventure schedule, or stop by this Sunday's Gurusbashi Beatdown II with and our friends from <It Came from the Blog>.

Heroic Drak'Tharon Keep, Nightfall battlegroup-H In a random heroic DTK run, a hunter was AFK for two minutes. The healer got mad and started throwing a hissy fit after we wiped. The hunter responded, saying that his loading screen took too long to load and he went to get a drink. She then said he should have said something; he answered, saying that he couldn't (obviously) say/chat to anyone when he was in the loading screen. After this, the healer went AFK for the whole run. The druid tank pulled bosses, trash and adds without dying or causing a wipe. I tried a few times to vote to kick the healer but kept getting a message over and over saying something like, ''You can't kick anyone shortly after combat.'' At the last boss, I managed to kick her, but we didn't get a healer in the next two or three minutes and killed the last boss with no heals. I really would want to thank the druid tank. I don't remember his name. – Anonymous

Aessedai, US Dragonblight-A I'm working on leveling a pally tank through the random dungeon finder. My main is a hunter, so I'm still very new to this concept of actually being right next to the mobs. Aessedai was our priest healer in a Scarlet Monastery. Not only did she give me tanking advice through the dungeon, but after we finished off Herod, she took the time to lead me through a chunk of the now-empty instance and explain the details of pally tanking. (She has a raiding tankadin.) We talked line of sight, rotations, how to explain pulls to DPS, the best way to use consecrate and so much more. She could have just dropped group once we finished the boss, but she took the time to help out a new baby tank, which is pretty damn uber in my book. Thank you, Aessedai! -- Cricetidae, <Bunny of Vengeance>, US Azjol-Nerub-A

Anonymous Tree, Retaliation battlegroup In the movie "The Labyrynth," there's a point where the main character and her little ugly friend are chased through a tunnel by a huge mechanical machine covered in drills, twisting spikes and all sorts of metal unpleasantness. My random for heroic Nexus yesterday was much like this. Once the tank pulled, he never stopped. We tore through trash packs like some blender from the Twisting Nether, chewing up adds and spitting out pieces as we moved on to the next one, leaving a bloody mess in our wake. It was fast. It was chaotic. It was glorious. After the tank pulled the entire hallway (yes, the ENTIRE hallway) that holds the annoying whirlwinding, fearing, faction-specific boss, I had started to assume that the tree and the tank must know each other. Very few tank/heals teams could work through pulls that furious without some sort of understanding of each others' capabilities and playstyle. I didn't look to check; I didn't have time. The pulls went on and on. My DBM set new records on Telestra and Anomalous by almost 10 seconds each (we almost had Telestra down before she could split), and the tank took the rift platforms two at a time. The giant tree elementals in the next section were taken two at a time with trash packs and piles of the little guys in the mix. After Ormorok the Tree-Shaper, the warlock takes a quick AFK and we sit for a minute catching our breath. Tank: "Nice heals btw." I think, "You're bloody right nice heals, this is insane ... Half the time I'm tanking two or three adds myself because I can't take the time to watch aggro ... Wait, you guys don't know each other?" Tree: "Thanks, I just hit 80 two days ago." You, sir, are Uber. -- Anonymous

News: Around the WoW community

Would you pay to play WoW with a girl? From the flirty to the dirty, players at a new service called GameCrush are ponying up for playtime with the opposite sex. On GameCrush, guys are Players and girls are PlayDates -- er, make that PayDates, because guys pay to play (starting at $6.60 for 10 minutes) and girls get paid (to the tune of 60 percent of whatever they bring in). Currently available games include Modern Warfare 2, Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV and Halo 3, as well as a rafter of no-frills games such as checkers. World of Warcraft is on the list of games slated to be added "soon." Intrigued enough to give it a try? Not so fast, my friend. There's currently a freeze on new players while GameCrush adds more servers, but you can always sign up for the waiting list ... and dream of getting your flirt (or dirt) on.

Raegwyn strikes again Remember Raegwyn, the death knight who seems to be in the process of soloing ... well, just about everything? This solo artist is at it again, this time with a slick introduction on a solo kill of Sartharion. (And no, he didn't solo the trash; Shadron resets if a solo player goes through the portal.) "The fight has two very hard things," Raegwyn explains. "The 'short' enrage timer of 15 minutes, and the fire adds + ~10 extra fire adds when Sartharion reaches 12%." How did he cope? "I needed a lot of time trying her to create the perfect spec -- mostly unholy, because you need lots of AoE damage for the fire adds. I increased my single-target DPS with a little trick: I never killed all the fire elementals, because every time I avoid a hit from them, I could make a Runestrike that does ~40% of my single damage on Sartharion."

Every raid has its worms ... and every guild seems to have its nice guys, as well. We found a couple in <Parallel> (US Kael'thas-A), recording a theme song for their guild via Skype. Musical stars they're not -- but we think Bookley (vocals) and Push (guitar) sound like chill guys to play WoW with. Give 'em a shout-out for guild spirit!

Time for a toast Best wishes to <The Wine Conspiracy> of US Aman'Thul-A for persevering to the two-year mark. "Rough road too," noted our tipster, "with two splinterings and the associated identity crises, but we've learnt to stop worrying and evolved into a friendly casual guild." Way to hang, folks!

Employment: Guild recruiting
  • Reclaiming the glory days <PWNAGE> (US Borean Tundra-A), traditionally a friendly guild of players at different levels of experience, has lost some friends and players who've moved on to guilds already battling the Lich King. The guild is seeking numerous members plus a dedicated raid leader to help them rebuild.
  • Pure DPS <B Team> (US Azjol-Nerub-H) is looking for unadulterated DPS -- specifically, hunters, mages and rogue -- to fill out its ICC 10-mans. The group is currently 7/12 in ICC, focusing on Blood Prince Council and Dreamwalker. Raids are Mon./Wed. 7-10 p.m. server time, Sat. night raids in older content.
  • 25-man raiding <Aftermath> (US The Underbog-H) seeks a few more players to help kill the Lich King and work on 25-man hard modes. "We're a fun and mature group, currently 11/12 ICC25," note their recruiter. "We look at applications seriously, so if you want to kill dragons and get pixel loot, we're your guild." The group's seeking a ret paladin (holy OS ideal), resto druid, warlock, elemental shaman and possibly additional DPS.
  • Burly and feisty <Committed> (US Eonar-A) is recruiting all classes for 25-man raiding. "A big burly bear druid and feisty warlock would be amazing," their recruiter explains. The guild is 7/12 in ICC-25, working on end-wing bosses (mainly Putricide). They also have three ICC-10 teams. Raids are Mon./Wed. 8-11:30 p.m.
  • Join's Basil Berntsen <Aetherial Circle> (US Drenden-A) needs a few more raiders who, as Basil notes, might want to watch him "park his hunter in a void zone twice a week." "We are a mature social guild with a passion for 25-man and 10-man raiding," he writes. Raids Mon./Wed. 8-11 p.m. EST. Considering all applicants, with priority to melee DPS (druid, pally), ranged DPS (warlock, shadow priest, druid, mage), heals (druid, shaman).
  • Family-friendly 10-man <Knights of the Alliance> (US Whisperwind-A) is recruiting all levels for its family-friendly guild, plus raiders to join its 10-man ToC and ICC weekend team.
  • Casual social guild <The Censored Linguists> (US Bronzebeard-A) -- formerly <The Cunning Linguists>, "until an Around Azeroth appearance gone awry alerted Blizzard's dogs to the faint scent of double entendre" -- are looking for members of all levels and classes. "We're looking for interesting, creative folks to fill the ranks of our casual social guild," says their recruiter. Raids Thurs./Sat. 6 p.m. server time.

Personals: Looking for Guild

  • Warlock seeks late-night raiding home "Heya, Gerogero of US Vashj-H, looking for a late-night 10-man guild. I've done all Naxx, EoE, OS, parts of Uld and the first wing of ICC, plus multitudes of BC raiding exp. I'm a dedicated warlock looking for a home. Help! :)"
  • Seeking mature raiding guild "I play a troll shaman, resto/enhance. I am looking for a mature raiding guild that can get past the first wing and have fun doing it. I am tired of pugging everything to get what I need and see the content. I enjoy healing very much and I am very good at what I do, but I am also humble enough to take constructive criticism and learn from better players. I would be willing to server transfer to find the right place. Help me find my home, please! Email contact." -- Erzilie
  • Looking for Colorado locals "I am currently in a somewhat high-end guild of which many members read I would rather they not know this is me and freak out. I think the chances of my finding what I'm looking for are pretty slim, so no reason to rock the boat with my current group unless I am actually leaving them. Looking for a Colorado guild. I love playing WoW, I love raiding, but I hate that my primary hobby has zero in-person time with local friends. The ideal guild I'm looking for would have a number of adults in Colorado who like to get together in RL, is Alliance, is on a PvE server and raids. However, I am open to finding a group that does not fit my ideal. I have a pro melee DPS with Kingslayer to contribute and/or a bunch of Alliance alts that are not so pro." -- Anonymous (please leave guild suggestions in the comments)

A final act of uberness

We've got one final Random Act of Uberness to report this week: you. Thank you for all your thoughtful, encouraging notes tucked at the end of recruiting notices, introducing LFG requests, leading into Random Acts of Uberness ... Some weeks, it seems that we get as many love notes as we do tips! Here's a representative sample: "Thank you for your tireless efforts to put forward this weekly program. All of us at <Aftermath> are grateful for the support your column brings our guild recruitment, and the health of the game overall. – Calsong, <Aftermath>" Thanks, Calsong and <Aftermath> -- and thanks to all of you who've helped shape and support The Classifieds. See you here next week!

We need your submissions and news! The Classifieds brings you weekly updates on player and community news, help finding the right guild, who's making waves in the WoW community and more. Email your news and Random Acts of Uberness to

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