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Palm Pixi Plus for Europe granted student visa, hangs out at FCC HQ

Chris Ziegler

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Just a few days after earning its all-important GFC wings, the European flavor of Palm's Pixi Plus has caught a jet plane over to the good ol' US of A where it's picking up FCC approval -- you know, just in case an owner or two ends up deciding to spend some time in the States. Model number P121UEU (as opposed to the AT&T variant, the P121UNA) now has the full blessing of the boys and girls at the Feds -- so when you pick up a Pixi Plus from your O2 shop on the next few weeks, take comfort in the knowledge that you won't be Tased, tackled, and placed under arrest for attempting to use one on American soil. That's a good thing, we'd reckon.

Source: FCC
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