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Star Wars Box set in works. Due in the Fall of 2011?

Ben Drawbaugh

In what would make the perfect way to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the release of A New Hope, a Blu-ray box set of all six Star Wars movies might just be on track for the Fall of 2011. That's the rumor anyways, with the only facts being that Lucas Film's Steve Sansweet said on a panel at C2E2 that the project was already in the works and would be released "in the not too distant future." We're not alone when we say we can't wait to enjoy the three classics for the first time all over again in HD, but we would like to get a request in before it's too late. Could you pretty please make sure all the versions of the first three are included? You know, so we can watch Han shoot first, or second, depending on how the mood strikes us.

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