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Battlefield Heroes gets jetpacks, new map and new game mode


DICE's freemium FPS, Battlefield Heroes, has had its finger on the pulse of what's hip for quite some time now. It offered content for sad MJ fans when the King of Pop passed away and even implemented some supernatural content when that New Moon flick came out. Then there was the latest stuff celebrating the release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

DICE clearly hasn't forgotten about its baby and now, for its three million and growing userbase, it's offering a trio of new goodies, headlined by the new in vogue multiplayer item: jetpacks. Players will use the jetpacks on a map called Midnight Mayhem, which sports a brand-new game mode called V2 Vengeance -- players must battle to capture and control a giant rocket.

The content is available right now, so head on over to the Battlefield Heroes site if you want to throw down.

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