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Fallen Earth adds dueling, fatigue, New Gallows

Jef Reahard

Everyone's favorite apocalyptic wasteland got a little bit livelier with today's patch. Version 1.3.11 of Icarus' Fallen Earth brings several noteworthy additions to the residents of the Grand Canyon province, including a new dueling system, the first stage of the New Gallows conflict town revamp, and a new fatigue system. The update also brings a laundry list of tweaks and bug fixes, as well as the curious decision to reduce vehicle crafting XP by 50% and research book crafting XP by 80%.

Massively also managed to snag the non-combat pet pictured above, but sadly the doggies have since been removed from the in-game vendors. We'll unravel the mystery of when and where you can expect to get your own post-apocalyptic pooch as soon as we confirm the details with Icarus. In the meantime, check out the update announcement and the patch notes, and don't forget about our previous coverage of the additions from the test server.

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