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Gizmodo: Next iPhone captured, photographed, weighed


How about that. Here's your Monday morning follow-up to Engadget's iPhone 4G reveal on Saturday: Gizmodo has what appears to be the actual next-generation, lost and found iPhone.

As was reported previously, the phone was supposedly found in a bar in Redwood City, CA. After a full inspection inside and out (they took it apart), Giz is 99.9% ready to say that it's real. [Mike Rose also says he's sorry for doubting.]

Some highlights include a front-facing camera, a flash around the rear-facing camera and that squared-off case. Instead of the rounded back that's a part of current iPhones and iPod touches, this unit is flat on the front and back.

There are two volume buttons, a MicroSIM card for carrier access (not MicroSD for storage -- a common mixup), and is 3 grams heavier than the 3GS at 140 grams. It measures 4.50 by 2.31 by 0.37 inches. The screen is supposedly much higher resolution than the current gen of phones.

Check out the post for more. It looks like Engadget was right all along and the cat is out of the bag. One thing's for sure: heads are going to roll at Apple if this 'lost phone' really was dropped by accident.

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