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RuneScape introduces largest update in game's history

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Hot on the heels of some pretty nice financial news for Jagex and comes some good news for RuneScape players: new content.

Not just any new content, either. Jagex is calling the Dungeons of Daemonheim expansion the biggest update in RuneScape's history. This expansion is going to keep players busy for quite a while: it's added a completely new underground world consisting of five separate levels, each of which gives "customized rooms." The customization feature is what makes this update so exciting for players: "Every room in the Dungeons is randomly generated and customized to the skill level and abilities of the players that enter it. No two rooms and no two experiences will ever be the same, providing billions of different play-experience combinations." The update adds the Dungeoneering skill as well, giving players a brand new avenue to explore.

The Dungeons of Daemonheim expansion is live now, so if you're a RuneScape fan and haven't checked it out yet, it's definitely time!

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